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Welcome to Our Pasteur Alumni Website

December 27, 2016

Dear Friends,
The Pasteur Elementary School Alumni Foundation
is a non-profit and is a 501 (c) (3).

Wishing you everything good in life as you have helped so many children this year!

We will post our progress for 2017 shortly.

This is a list of what we did at Pasteur in 2016:

- Simply Smart Kids - 4 session parenting program working with parents/caregivers. Babysitting for children. Meals provided. Parents given canvas book bags, adult T-shirts and children's T-shirts that said "I am a parent of a Simply Smart Kid" or "I am a Simply Smart Kid." Books & Educational Toys were included.

- Field Trip for 6th Graders to seeThe Diary of Anne Frank performed live at the Jewish Ensemble Theatre. We had a Holocaust discussion the week before and after seeing the play.

- Provided books for our First Grade reading program. Once a week a reader reads a book to the class and gives the book to a child to keep and the same book to the teacher for the class. Great program of putting a new book in a child's home.

- Bought 150 simple flutes for an after school music class for 150 students.

- Earth Day - Every classroom was visited by a volunteer reader who read an appropriate book about the Earth and discussed ways to save it. Each child received a packet of seeds to plant.

- We paid for a bus to take 40 students to a Tiger game.
Tickets were donated.

- 40 Amazon Fire Kindle Tablets were given to the 6th graders who were promoted to 7th grade. The students were given a certificate to redeem at a workshop a few weeks later to learn about using the tablet for educational purposes and internet safety.

- Provided funds for Summer in the City to run a program during summer school and a 2 week summer camp which included breakfast and lunch. The children were taken on field trips to Detroit to play, paint, plant, do sports and learn.

- $1,000 scholarship given to a Pasteur alum to go to Bowling Green State University.

- $100 was spent on underwear and sweatpants to have on hand in the office for accidents.

- Provided a bus to take special need students on a field trip to Friendship Circle in West Bloomfield.

- Provided food, gift cards and books for 60 families in need for

- Now we are getting ready to create a 7' x 15' glass mosaic for the Main Detroit Public Library on Woodward. Every class was visited by a reader who spoke about the theme of the Mosaic - The Earth. All the children drew pictures which will be the inspiration for the design by Gail Kaplan.

We are so grateful to EVERYONE for EVERY gift you have sent!
Special thanks to those who have sent in extra large gifts for 2016:
Penny Bernstein Blumenstein, Ken Eisenberg, Marjorie & Donald Epstein, Barry Waldman,Anne Borinstein Weinstock,the William A. & Shirley P. Yolles Foundation.

Thanks to those who have sent large gifts in the past! It is because of ALL of you that we have been able to do as much as we do for our Pasteur kids.

We could not do it without you!

Joanie Willens Abraham, Robert Alpiner, Hayden Archer, Liz Marks Bank, Carol Karbel Blender, Shari Cohen, Howard Davis, Bill Edmunds, Linda Dorfman Feldman, Marcy Tatken Feldman, Henry Feinberg, Joel Gershenson, Geri Hicks, Richard Holmes, Patrick Hoye, Elizabeth Jacobs, Marilyn Jacobson, Paula Marks Kalt, Barbara Finsilver Kaplan, Barbara Braverman Larkey, Marjorie Mintz Levine, Marlene Lewis, Cary Levy, Debbie Blocker Manning, John Marx, Tomeka Munford, Berna Friedman Ravitz, Carol Rosenfeld, Judy Calfin Schneider, Cherry Smith, Bonnie Sowa, Deborah McClendon Terrell, Gaye Tischler, Wendy Bernstein Wagenheim, Barry Waldman, Jan Wanetick, Gail Whitty, Carol Winokur & Neil Zechman.
Feel free to join us in 2017!

Wishing you a healthy, happy new year!


Marcy Feldman




Spring, 2017
Simply Smart KIds parenting program.
We hope to do this 4 part parenting program again this year.
The parents thought it was a great program
to learn how to engage their children in meaningful conversation.
We provided meals, books, bags, t-shirts
for the parents and children for the program.
Learn about the program here:
The Diary of Anne Frank - March, 2017
We took the 6th graders by bus, as we do each year, to the Berman Theatre in West Bloomfield to see the Jewish Ensemble Theatre's production of the play. Wendy Wagenheim spoke to the students a week before the play to set the tone. Marcy Feldman spoke to the students after to answer questions about the Holocaust, the Civil Rights Movement and the link between Jewish people and African American people.
"Summer in the City" created a mural in our Stoepel hallway
The little kids love the fun art!
Want to help sponsor summer 2017?


Become a Sponsor!
Books for First Grade Reading Program
2 Classes for 1 week $40
2 Classes for 1 month $150
Holiday Food for December for 50 Families in Need
1 Family $45
2 Families $90
Sponsor 5 Families $225
Always needing mentors, readers, tutors. Contact us!
-  We need volunteers who can play word games to first and second grade students who cannot read.
- We welcome back Carol Winokur to our tutoring program! Carol returns from 11 years in  L. A. wanting to tutor 3x a week after seeing the need!

- Come any day for a half hour to read to a young special ed class!

- Want to do Reading Corp? Contact DPS Reading Corps:(313)870-5669 or

- Read to a young class
- Help a child read this summer with word games we provide!
- Tutoring at any grade level


The Pasteur Elementary School Alumni Foundation is anon-profit, 501(c)(3), tax exempt organization.

We started the alumni foundation in 1996 and are dedicated to helping the current students of Pasteur Elementary School. It is located on Stoepel and Pembroke in northwest Detroit. We are the first and largest alumni association of an elementary school in Detroit.


Our database has over 1,500 alumni who attended the school since 1939. We have members who live all over the U.S., Canada and Israel. We are diverse in many ways, but all have a special feeling for our old school, friends, teachers, and neighborhood.


We publish an annual newsletter and member directory with contact information. The directory is sent only to members. Currently we have over 250 members. Many old friends have been re-connected through our Foundation. Some of our many activities include,  weekly reading to classes, tutoring, giving books to all the students, dictionaries to all graduates and scholarships for college.


Please check out the whole website to view our many accomplishments, programs, letters from students, news, interesting stories, photos, facts and our newsletters. We will add more soon! We spent $18,000 last year on programs, field trips, camp, books, food, etc. for the children. To be ecologically sound we send a hard copy of the newsletter only to alumni who are not on the internet. This saves money, paper and time.


Please help by registering on our website and check it each month for news. We have also started to send current news more often. If you would like the E-NEWS please email us at If you are not currently a member we hope that you join to help us continue our work at the school. We do make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.

(If you are a member, but have NOT done "Member Signup"
 on the website, please do! You will have more access.)


 Donations can still be made to our Special Funds in memory of 
Ms. Robinson, Mr. Bauerle and Kathy Carter
Thanks to all who donated to our holiday fund
 for food for 50 needy families!
We have received much appreciation from the families.
Just click on Donations for details on how you can make a difference!


JUNE 2013 - InsideOut Literary Arts Project

We suggested 4 years ago that this would be a great program to bring into the school. Sharon Lawson, our principal, finally got it in the budget. A professional writer worked each week with 3rd and 4th grade to produce their own poetry. The published books for Pasteur were distributed to all the authors at a ceremony in the auditorium. The excitement of the children to see themselves as authors in print was beautiful. 

JUNE 13, 2012 - Journal Journey Ended

Wendy Wagenheim presented all the 4th graders with their journals which had traveled all over the country receiving entries from alumni. The children were thrilled to read some of the essays in front of their classmates. Postcards from everywhere arrived at the school each week from Pasteur alumni. Fran Gross co-chaired this program.




          Everyone still talks about the NASA trip.Our students,teachers and chaperones had a great seat in the bleachers at the launch site,when they heard the launch was postponed indefinitely. Our students were still able to get a VIP tour of  the Kennedy Space Center in Florida! Most of the children and some parents had never been outside of Michigan. The parents were extremely grateful that the children had this amazing experience. Upon returning they spoke about everything they had seen. Interestingly, they said how close they all feel having experienced thistrip together even though they were grades 3-5.

Many thanks to all who helped fund this project!


The Detroit Jewish Coalition for Literacy hosted a Literacy Program with Free Press writer Rochelle Riley last March. Marcy Feldman spoke about how to start an organized advocacy group in a school, sighting PESAF's accomplishments and how we do it.



Please send us your current email so that we can send you news for free.

Email it to:



2015 - WE HAVE 301 MEMBERS!

Thanks to this website we are attracting more alumni!

We have 1600 people on our database, but not everyone!
Please tell your relatives and old friends to send us their contact info!


The students, staff, and families of Pasteur Elementary School appreciate your support! Everyone greets us with smiles!



  • First Grade Reading Program - books to each child and teacher
  • Earth Day - materials on how to save the Earth, refreshments for speakers
  • Purchase of 2 iPads to use "Apps for Autism" for non-verbal autistic students 
  • Funding "Summer in the City" summer programming and Camp Pasteur
  • 600 new books to the children
  • Career Day - refreshments for speakers
  • Food boxes and books for 50 families for Christmas
  • We thank the Vesco Oil Corporation - Marjory Winkelman Epstein and Donald Epstein for Target Gift Cards for each family for Christmas
  • Sponsored the 6th grade trip to see the Jewish Ensemble Theatre's production of The Diary of Anne Frank
  • Purchased a copy of the Diary of Anne Frank for each 6th grader
  • Invested in the Lemonade Stand program for students to learn economics, social skills, math


Want to teach chess? Home economics? Help with a reading program? Want to join in a field trip? Teach a hobby after school? Photography? Art?


Website sponsored by the
William A. & Shirley P. Yolles Support Foundation
Holiday Gift Certificates donated by
Marjory Winkelman Epstein & Donald Epstein
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